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  About The School  

North Wauchula Elementary at a Glance

North Wauchula Elementary (N.W.E.S.), is a Title I school.  It is located in the rural and largely agricultural community of Wauchula, Florida, and is the northern-most of two elementary schools in Wauchula. North Wauchula Elementary is a well-maintained facility that opened in November of 1976 as a K-3 school and later became a K-2 school. In 2003, N.W.E.S. transitioned from a K-2 school to a K-5 school, and remains so today.

The student enrollment at North Wauchula typically peaks at approximately 570 students. The current subgroups are disaggregated as the following: 51% of the students are male, leaving 49% female; 62% of the students are Hispanic; 26% are White; 7% are African-American, 4% are Multi-Racial, and 1% are of Asian descent. Students with Disabilities (SWD) account for 12% of the student population, while 14% are identified as current English Language Learners (ELL), 7% are Former ELL students and 16% of the students are Migrant. NWE has a Homeless population of 3%. 

The following are the staff demographics at N.W.E.: 92% are female, 8% are male, 82% are White, 17% are Hispanic and 1% are African-American. At the time of the 2010 census, the city of Wauchula (proper) had a population of 5,001 people. Of that population, 48% were Hispanic, 45% were White, 6% were African American and 1% are of Asian descent. According to the same census, the county of Hardee had a population of 27,731 people with 48% White, 43% Hispanic, 7% African-American, 1% Asian and 1% other.