Mission Statement  

“Building learning partnerships with home, school, and community

to ensure personal and academic excellence.”

  About The School  

North Wauchula Elementary at a Glance

North Wauchula Elementary (N.W.E.S.), a Title I school.  It is located in the rural and largely agricultural community of Wauchula, Florida, and is the northern-most of two elementary schools in Wauchula. North Wauchula Elementary is a well-maintained facility that opened in November of 1976 as a K-3 school and later became a K-2 school. In 2003, N.W.E.S. transitioned from a K-2 school to a K-5 school and remains so today.

The current principal, Tracey Nix, began at North Wauchula in the 2009-2010 school year. Since that time the school has maintained a principal and assistance principal, as well as thirty general education classrooms, one full-time ESE classroom, two inclusion/pull-out ESE teachers, two reading remediation teachers, one speech therapist, one media specialist, one PE teacher, one guidance counselor and one literacy coach. In addition, there are eleven paraprofessionals who work directly with students, as well as two office staff, four custodial staff and six staff in the cafeteria.

The student enrollment at North Wauchula typically peaks at approximately 570 students. The current subgroups are disaggregated as the following: 51% of the students are male, leaving 49% female; 62% of the students are Hispanic; 26% are White; 7% are African-American, 4% are Multi-Racial, and 1% are of Asian descent. Students with Disabilities (SWD) account for 12% of the student population, while 14% are identified as current English Language Learners (ELL), 7% are Former ELL students and 16% of the students are Migrant. NWE has a Homeless population of 3%. 

The following are the staff demographics at N.W.E.: 92% are female, 8% are male, 82% are White, 17% are Hispanic and 1% are African-American. At the time of the 2010 census, the city of Wauchula (proper) had a population of 5,001 people. Of that population, 48% were Hispanic, 45% were White, 6% were African American and 1% are of Asian descent. According to the same census, the county of Hardee had a population of 27,731 people with 48% White, 43% Hispanic, 7% African-American, 1% Asian and 1% other.

The Mission of North Wauchula Elementary School is:

       Our mission is to provide all students with an equal opportunity to acquire       academic skills and social values enabling them to be self-reliant and productive individuals. By providing a quality education in a safe environment, we inspire students to become life-long learners.

The Vision of North Wauchula Elementary is:

 NWES is a school where teachers facilitate student growth through                      differentiated learning, collaboration, and innovative thinking. These                      expectations create purpose-driven students who thrive in a safe and      challenging learning environment.

The North Wauchula Elementary School Pledge:

      As a student at NWES, I will do my best to learn and grow,                                  as my teachers guide and motivate me to become a resonsible learner.

The Student's Motto:  We are 'CHAMPS by Choice'

        C - Courageus; H - Hardworking; A - Awesome; M - Motivated; P - Positive; S - Successful