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Q&A for Florida Standards Assessment

Q&A for Florida Standards Assessment


Annually our 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students are required to participate in the Florida Standard Assessment. Often times, both students and families are nervous about this testing period.  Please allow me to respond to some frequently asked questions regarding the FSA tests.  

What are the testing questions based on?  

All teachers are required to base their daily lessons on the Florida Standards. The content being tested are based on these standards.  The standards can be viewed at CPALMS which can be accessed at

What are the Florida Standards and Florida Standards Assessments?

The Florida Standards in English Arts (ELA) and Mathematics approved by the Florida State Board of Education in February 2014 and were fully implements K-12 for the first time during the 2014-2015 school year. The Writing portion of testing actually falls under the ELA testing umbrella. The 5th grade Science test is still the FCAT 2.0 test.


How will I know how my child performed on the assessment?

Scores for the 2015–2016 assessments will be released in June 2016. Parents/families will receive a paper score report after scores are distributed to the districts Districts will report scores to schools who then will notify parents/families. Reports will include an overall score for each subject of the test, an achievement level, a percentile rank for comparison to other similar students in Florida.

How can I support my student?

Student success can be promoted by staying involved in their education, as well as offering positive support and encouragement.  Since the testing is timed and can be a source of stress, going to bed early and eating a nutritious breakfast are good rules of thumb. Providing a relaxed atmosphere at
home can go a long way to helping your child do his or her best.