Contact:   Mrs. Megan Christian Phone: (863)773-2183

Response to Intervention:

       At NWES we strive to help every student reach academic success. Some students, however, require assistance outside of their teacher's whole group instruction. When a student begins to consistently struggle with a particular subject area, we will conduct a problem solving meeting. At this meeting a Response to Intervention (RTI) plan may be initiated. 

     An RTI plan is set to give students more intensified interventions in areas of difficulty. The RTI plan is created with the input of the classroom teacher, school psychologist, counselor, and parent. The RTI framework allows for the team to monitor the student's progress and make changes to the interventions as needed. 


Whole Group Counseling:

      This year, Mrs. Christian and the students at NWES are learning what it takes to become a good citizen. Over the school year Mrs. Christian is meeting with each class, during activity, multiple times. In these sessions, students learn what a community is and what a good citizen looks like. We will then be applying these lessons in our own community! 


Small Group Counseling:

           Each year Mrs. Christian plans small groups based on students' needs. Currently small groups are being held to address changing families. Students meet and together we support each other as we adjust to changing family life. 


Individual Counseling:

       Individual counseling is available on an as needed basis for students whose behaviors or concerns are affecting their school work. This counseling is not to replace or substitute professional private mental health services.